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Wedding Favors

Express gratitude to wedding party members and guests with a selection from our unique line of wedding favors. Gift them something unique that they will treasure and make your wedding a memorable one. We offer a variety of wedding favors for every age group. Our collection of gifts, souvenirs and trinkets for bridesmaids, groomsmen and wedding guests, include scented soaps, hand fans, favor boxes and key chains. We also feature a selection of placeholders and photo holders ideal for reception party tables. The best thing about our wedding favors is that each one of them comes in beautifully wrapped gift box which can be directly given to guests. Your guests will admire you for the efforts you have given in preparing the gift and will oblige about it. Our wedding favors are available at all the ranges to fit well in your budget. Make your wedding ceremony memorable for yourself and your guests by selecting an unique wedding favor today.