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Eyelet Paper Lanterns

Eyelet paper lanterns work differently with regular paper lanterns. They have cutout patterns on the rice paper. When eyelet lanterns are illuminated, light travels through the cutout patterns and cast great shadows. They are especially pretty when lit with colored light bulbs With our eyelet paper lanterns, are suitable for weddings, parties, festivals. every occasion is sure to be a hit.

our each eyelet paper are made from hand-made paper, take a closer look you can find many fine filaments on the paper or eyelet hole, also the eyelet size will be of different, that is the best material to make eyelet lanterns
so it is different than the machine paper (no filament, hole uniform,Inexpensive ) have great quality and price difference between them

These Eyelet Paper lanterns feature a lace look, handmade paper design with a floral eyelet pattern on each lantern. The eyelet perforations cast great shadows, similar to star lanterns. Very beautiful when illuminated with light bulbs. Perfect for any occasion!

These eyelet paper lanterns can be used with our LED lights

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