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Latest Lanterns

This section provides the lanterns all are the latest design, they are not found in other places, these lanterns effectively combine artistry and practicality together, Well to showed the charm of asian lanterns use there lanterns in the wedding and the parties, they will be to attract people's attention, make your wedding unique! there is no doubt when your friends first seen such beautiful lantern in your wedding, be sure, they should be surprise! with Praise! believe many years later people will remember this great and memorable scenes .... Each product is marked with: designer, designed date. you can easy to decide what model to buy, So that you can be the first person to use These All lanterns designed by MR.LIN WEI Produced by our own factory: FUJIAN LINWEI LIGHT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS CO., LTD Every product we own the copyright with the absolute, others do not be used without authorization.

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