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Polka Dot Paper Tissue Pom Poms

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This section contains our latest 12 " and 16" polka dot printed paper pompoms, use them to decorate your wedding or Party is the most appropriate.

This tissue rice paper POMPOMS flower balls are handmade, they can be hang from the ceiling, parties,weddings, baby room, shop displays, trees. 

these pompoms looks great for festive party & wedding decoration.


*** Important Reminder***

here, all our pom pom sizes are can diy in pom pom ball diam size, it is not paper length size. In fact,  some shop write "size" just in the paper length, it is a big difference. so their size 8"/12"/16"/20" just same as our  6"/10"/14"/18" size

For example, if you want buy a diam 16" pom poms , the fact you just get the 16" length paper from other store, it is diffcult to make in a diam 16" pom pom ball ,Because the paper will be folded when you done it in a pom pom.

now, all our pom poms size,We have add the paper length, such as for our 16" pom pom, our paper length about at 18.5"(47cm), so you can do the actual 16" BALL size which you want (not the paper length 16")

Please refer to the comparison list  of paper size and pom pom ball size that helps you can buy the real size in anywhere.



polka pompoms2.jpg

polka pom poms3.jpg

New Products For August - Polka Dot Paper Tissue Pom Poms